Current Information

*****Cancellation of Custer Township Spring Clean-up*****

We are advised by Custer Township their board voted this past Tuesday evening to cancel the annual township spring clean-up event scheduled for May 9th. due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It will not be rescheduled. The next clean-up will occur in the fall at their regularly scheduled time which we will post on our website later in the season. 

*****Progress Report – Road Sign Refresh at Schuss *****

Respecting our new normal to “stay at home and avoid social interactions,” SMPOA member’s; Carol and Pat Scherden, and Brian Eggers, volunteered  to take on a much needed, but herculean task of repainting all of the 43+ road signs in the Schuss Mountain Community with extra time on their hands during this unprecedented life changing event.  At all times they adhere to the state and federal directives for safe distancing.

This is truly a team effort; Brian takes the signs down and re-installs them, while Pat preps them for painting and Carol adds her talented artistic touch to do the real work repainting the carved signage. Many have begun to notice the fresh look of our signage across SMPOA’s footprint; nearly 1/4 of the total signs are now complete.

Feel free to thank your neighbors if you see them out and about in your “safe distance” walks.

Request for Volunteers:  There is still another component to this project for which we need volunteerism.  Although the signs themselves are currently being refreshed, the poles on which the signs are suspended will require a fresh coat of paint as well.  This is a step which cannot occur until the weather improves, but it you would be interested in helping, please contact Brian Eggers via email at .

On behalf of the Officers, Board of Directors and the entire SMPOA membership; we THANK THEM for the volunteer work they are doing on this project which is not only saving SMPOA funds for other projects but is also preserving the image of our resort community.

*****May 2020 Property Owners Weekend Canceled*****

Please be advised, Shanty Creek Resorts has canceled the May 2020 Property Owners Weekend in compliance with restrictions related to Covid-19.

*****Road Improvement Project Request*****

The following letter was sent to State Senator Wayne Schmidt and State Representative Triston Cole on February 12th:

My name is Kerry Vandock and I am the President of Schuss Mountain Property Owners Association, hereafter referred to as SMPOA.  SMPOA has approximately 400 members who own property in the Schuss Mountain area of Antrim County in the form of either homes, condominiums, or undeveloped lots.  These owners are deeply invested in the area and enjoy all northern Michigan has to offer in the form of skiing, golfing, boating, biking, and hiking just to name a few.  Shanty Creek Resorts is the primary epicenter of activity for SMPOA members.
It is my understanding you met with the leadership of Shanty Creek Resorts this past year to discuss the much needed improvements to the roads that pass by Shanty Creek Resorts and connect to M 88 on both ends (namely Del Mason Road, Shanty Creek Road, Batchelder Road, Schoolcraft Road, and then Shanty Creek Road again).  As I am sure you are aware from that meeting, these roads are in extremely poor condition; in some places there is more “patch” than original road surface.  These road conditions negatively impact tourists and visitors experience at Shanty Creek Resorts, which in turn negatively impacts Shanty Creek Resorts.  The property values of SMPOA members are very closely tied to the success of Shanty Creek Resorts.  Additionally, as taxpaying property owners, the experience for SMPOA members is negatively impacted by these road conditions as well.  I am certain by now, you clearly understand the far reaching impacts to the local economy of these deteriorating road conditions.  Based on the fact this is a main corridor through the Shanty Creek communities and there is such a high level of recreational activity in the area; we believe this project must also include a walking/bike path adjacent to these roads to provide a safe and secure non-motorized access route between the surrounding resort communities, Shanty Creek Resort, and Bellaire.
On behalf of all SMPOA members, I implore you to work diligently to secure funding and expedite the completion of this road improvement project in the year 2020.
I thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.
Have a great day.
Kerry L Vandock


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