Archived Information

*****2021 Brush Pickup*****

The annual brush pile pickup is rapidly approaching.  Brush piles conforming to the “brush policy standards” AND on lots with paid SMPOA membership will be picked up on June 7, 8, and 9, 2021 continuing on June 14, 15, and 16, 2021.  Please read the policy carefully and make sure you are in compliance with the policy to ensure your brush is collected.  Click here to read the Brush Policy.

*****Schuss Pool Update*****

It is the intention of the Resort to open all pools (Lakeview outdoor, Lakeview indoor and Schuss indoor) on
Memorial Day weekend under the assumption there will be no restrictions at the time and/or restrictions at the
time will allow them to do so safely. Their final determination of opening is subject to change depending on any
restrictions at the time.

*****Overflow Dumpster for the Holidays*****
SMPOA and the Resort have partnered again this year to alleviate the problem of excess trash at Schuss Mountain over the holiday weekend.  Please note the following:
  • For the current Christmas/New Year’s holiday, a 20-yard dumpster has been placed in the parking lot of the Schuss Golf Club parking lot and will remain through January 5, 2021.  It will be emptied on an as needed basis.
  • The purpose of this dumpster will be to accommodate overflow trash only.  Please utilize your regular trash dumpster or tote until such time as the overflow dumpster becomes necessary.
  • Remember to single out your recyclables and take them to the facility on M-88 or in Mancelona; this will greatly reduce the volume of waste in our dumpsters and totes.
  • This dumpster is for BAGGED GARBAGE ONLY.  Please adhere to the rule.  Those who violated the rules and dumped washers, dryers, TV sets, etc. have already ruined the prior disposal plan utilizing dumpsters.  We will be watching closely so they do not ruin this cooperative plan with SMPOA and the Resort.
  • The overflow dumpster will not return for any other holiday weekends this year, however, will return for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday next year.

This is another example of “…what your SMPOA dues do for you…” and the close cooperative relationship SMPOA has with the Resort.  We thank them for their initiative, participation and cooperation!!!!!!!!!!!

*****Schuss Pool Update*****
Shanty Creek Resorts has made the decision that both the Lakeview Indoor Pool & Schuss Indoor Pool will remain closed this winter season, or until the current capacity restrictions are lifted.  We will notify you if/when the situation changes.

*****Antrim County Household Hazardous Waste Days*****

Antrim County is hosting days for collection of Household Hazardous Waste – click here for details.

*****Shanty Creek Resorts Meeting Cancelled*****

The resort’s annual meeting previously scheduled for 09/12/2020 at 8:00 am has been cancelled.

*****SMPOA Annual Meeting 09/12/2020*****

The SMPOA Annual Meeting IS STILL scheduled for 09/12/2020 at 10:00 am in Ivan’s Restaurant – proxies are forthcoming.

*****07-09-2020 Pool News*****

The Resort and SMPOA are most interested in maintaining the state’s guidelines for pool operation. The Lakeview indoor pool has been closed due to capacity limitations and over crowding. This Saturday July 11th, the Lakeview outdoor pool will be open, however an attendant will be present to control the capacity.

The Schuss pool will be open to the limited capacity of 10 persons, however, an attendant will not be present. We are reaching out to our membership urging all those in attendance to abide by the rules and restrictions of no more than 10 persons in the pool area. If we can not maintain this discipline and self policing, a risk exists that the Schuss pool can close until all the state restrictions are lifted.

*****Schuss Pool Opening*****

The Schuss Pool will open on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 10:00 am with limited capacity of 25% which will be equal to 10 people in the room at a time.

*****2020 Brush Pickup*****

The annual brush pile pickup is rapidly approaching.  Brush piles conforming to the “brush policy standards” AND on lots with paid SMPOA membership will be picked up on June 8, 9, and 10, 2020 continuing on June 15, 16, and 17, 2020.  Please read the policy carefully and make sure you are in compliance with the policy to ensure your brush is collected.  Click here to read the Brush Policy.

*****Shanty Creek Resorts Pool News*****

The resort has informed us the outdoor pool at Summit is scheduled to open next Thursday, June 11, 2020, provided they can meet all restrictions and conform to all guidelines. The capacity will be at 50%. All indoor pools remain closed until the Governor decides otherwise.

*****Cancellation of Custer Township Spring Clean-up*****

We are advised by Custer Township their board voted this past Tuesday evening to cancel the annual township spring clean-up event scheduled for May 9th. due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It will not be rescheduled. The next clean-up will occur in the fall at their regularly scheduled time which we will post on our website later in the season. 

*****Progress Report – Road Sign Refresh at Schuss *****

Respecting our new normal to “stay at home and avoid social interactions,” SMPOA member’s; Carol and Pat Scherden, and Brian Eggers, volunteered  to take on a much needed, but herculean task of repainting all of the 43+ road signs in the Schuss Mountain Community with extra time on their hands during this unprecedented life changing event.  At all times they adhere to the state and federal directives for safe distancing.

This is truly a team effort; Brian takes the signs down and re-installs them, while Pat preps them for painting and Carol adds her talented artistic touch to do the real work repainting the carved signage. Many have begun to notice the fresh look of our signage across SMPOA’s footprint; nearly 1/4 of the total signs are now complete.

Feel free to thank your neighbors if you see them out and about in your “safe distance” walks.

Request for Volunteers:  There is still another component to this project for which we need volunteerism.  Although the signs themselves are currently being refreshed, the poles on which the signs are suspended will require a fresh coat of paint as well.  This is a step which cannot occur until the weather improves, but it you would be interested in helping, please contact Brian Eggers via email at .

On behalf of the Officers, Board of Directors and the entire SMPOA membership; we THANK THEM for the volunteer work they are doing on this project which is not only saving SMPOA funds for other projects but is also preserving the image of our resort community.

*****May 2020 Property Owners Weekend Canceled*****

Please be advised, Shanty Creek Resorts has canceled the May 2020 Property Owners Weekend in compliance with restrictions related to Covid-19.

*****Road Improvement Project Request*****

The following letter was sent to State Senator Wayne Schmidt and State Representative Triston Cole on February 12th:

My name is Kerry Vandock and I am the President of Schuss Mountain Property Owners Association, hereafter referred to as SMPOA.  SMPOA has approximately 400 members who own property in the Schuss Mountain area of Antrim County in the form of either homes, condominiums, or undeveloped lots.  These owners are deeply invested in the area and enjoy all northern Michigan has to offer in the form of skiing, golfing, boating, biking, and hiking just to name a few.  Shanty Creek Resorts is the primary epicenter of activity for SMPOA members.
It is my understanding you met with the leadership of Shanty Creek Resorts this past year to discuss the much needed improvements to the roads that pass by Shanty Creek Resorts and connect to M 88 on both ends (namely Del Mason Road, Shanty Creek Road, Batchelder Road, Schoolcraft Road, and then Shanty Creek Road again).  As I am sure you are aware from that meeting, these roads are in extremely poor condition; in some places there is more “patch” than original road surface.  These road conditions negatively impact tourists and visitors experience at Shanty Creek Resorts, which in turn negatively impacts Shanty Creek Resorts.  The property values of SMPOA members are very closely tied to the success of Shanty Creek Resorts.  Additionally, as taxpaying property owners, the experience for SMPOA members is negatively impacted by these road conditions as well.  I am certain by now, you clearly understand the far reaching impacts to the local economy of these deteriorating road conditions.  Based on the fact this is a main corridor through the Shanty Creek communities and there is such a high level of recreational activity in the area; we believe this project must also include a walking/bike path adjacent to these roads to provide a safe and secure non-motorized access route between the surrounding resort communities, Shanty Creek Resort, and Bellaire.
On behalf of all SMPOA members, I implore you to work diligently to secure funding and expedite the completion of this road improvement project in the year 2020.
I thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.
Have a great day.
Kerry L Vandock

*****Tote Structure Available for Purchase*****

SMPOA contracted for a sample tote structure to be constructed to provide to the membership the standard for which neighboring members should follow for housing totes.  That structure is now for sale and will be located near the where the overflow dumpster will be for the holidays.  Click here in order to see a picture as well as cost details.  If you are interested, please email

***** Announcement for Overflow Trash *****

A concern has always existed the curbside service plan of Custer Township would not handle the overflow of trash for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday period as well as times of high guest volume at the resort, i.e. MLK Weekend, President’s weekend and other holiday weekends throughout the year.  SMPOA and the Resort have partnered to alleviate the problem as follows:

  • For the upcoming Christmas/New Year’s holiday, a 20 yard dumpster will be placed in the parking lot of the Schuss Golf course commencing on December 20, 2019, and will remain through January 6, 2020.  It will be emptied on an as needed basis.
  • The purpose of this dumpster will be to accommodate overflow trash only.  Please utilize your regular trash dumpster or tote until such time as the overflow dumpster becomes necessary.
  • Remember to single out your recyclables and take them to the facility on M-88; this will greatly reduce the volume of waste in our dumpsters and totes.
  • This dumpster is for BAGGED GARBAGE ONLY.  Please adhere to the rule.  Those who violated the rules and dumped washers, dryers, TV sets, etc. have already ruined the prior disposal plan utilizing dumpsters.  We will be watching closely so they do not ruin this cooperative plan with SMPOA and the Resort.
  • The dumpster will be returned for the MLK weekend; dates to be announced.

This is another example of “…what your SMPOA dues do for you…” and the close cooperative relationship SMPOA has with the Resort.  We thank them for their initiative, participation and cooperation!!!!!!!!!!!

*****Schuss Pool Open*****

Corresponding to golf and ski season, with the opening of Schuss Mountain for the ski season on November 29, 2019, the Schuss Pool is now open until the end of ski season.  We will post the “actual” closing date for the Schuss Pool here on the website once determined.

*****Tote Storage Structure*****

Please click here to view the photo of the tote storage structure prototype, cost, and other details.

*****Tenets of Trash Collection at Schuss Mountain*****

Please click here to view this VERY important summary of trash collection at Schuss Mountain.

*****May 2, 2019 – Information Regarding Structures for Totes*****

Please click here for some detailed drawings regarding the structures for totes.  SMPOA seeks to have the structures compatible with the architectural standards as posted on the website.  The design is for 2 x 2 walls, covered with a wood siding.  Doors and floors are optional.  The roof can be metal, however, the desired roof color is brown not red or exotic colors, so as to blend in with the geography.

*****Schuss Pool Closed*****

Corresponding to golf and ski season, with the closing of the Schuss Golf Course for the season on October 6, 2019, the Schuss Pool is now closed until the beginning of ski season.  We will post the re-opening date for the Schuss Pool here on the website once determined.

*****Fall Fest Hosted by Bergrand*****

Please click here to see the details of the Fall Fest hosted by the Bergrand property owners on September 21, 2019 from 4 – 8 pm.

*****Custer Twp. 2019 Fall Cleanup Date*****

The fall cleanup date for Custer Twp. is September 21, 2019 from 9 am until 1 pm at the Custer Twp. hall.

*****July 2019 Update Regarding Trash Collection*****

Please click here to read the July 2019 update regarding trash collection.

*****April 30, 2019 – Schuss Pool News*****

We have been notified the Schuss pool will open at 10:00 am on Friday, May 3, 2019, for the golf season.

*****Update Regarding Trash Collection*****

Please click here to read the April 17, 2019 update regarding trash collection after May 1, 2019 for the Schuss Mountain area.  The maps referred to in the document may be viewed here – Map 1   Map 2

*****2019 Brush Pickup*****

The annual brush pile pickup is rapidly approaching.  Brush piles conforming to the “brush policy standards” will be picked up on June 10, 11, and 12, 2019 continuing on June 17, 18, and 19, 2019.  Please read the policy carefully and make sure you are in compliance with the policy to ensure your brush is collected.  Click here to read the Brush Policy.

*****2019 Newsletter and Dues Notice*****

The 2019 Newsletter and Dues Notice was mailed on Monday, March 23rd.  If you have not received it, you may find it by clicking here.

*****Update Regarding Dumpster Removal*****

The date for the removal of the dumpsters at the base of Schuss Mountain has been set for 05/01/2019.  Please Click Here to view the letter which was mailed via USPS on 02/04/2019 to all residents of Schuss Mountain and emailed to all members of Schuss Mountain Property Owner Association on 02/05/2019.  The Custer Township guide for trash pickup was included in those communications, you may view that guide by Clicking Here.

*****Important Information Regarding the Dumpsters at Schuss Mountain*****

Please Click Here to read the letter to the SMPOA membership regarding changes to the dumpsters at Schuss Mountain.

*****Custer Township Spring and Fall Cleanup*****

We have learned Custer Township offers a spring and fall cleanup day where tax payers can bring trash that would not be allowed at the dumpsters located near Ivan’s.  You must present a utility bill or recent tax bill to dump.  The attached notice is for the event which just occurred on 09/15/2018 Custer Twp NOTICE-Fall-Cleanup – click here.  We will try to make sure a link to future notices is posted on this page well in advance of the event.  Also, there is a link to the Custer Township website on our “Links of Interest” page; their site contains a calendar of useful dates including dates for the spring and fall cleanup.

*****Date for Schuss Pool Opening*****

We are pleased to inform you we anticipate the Schuss Pool will open for daily hours from 10:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. beginning Saturday, November 24, 2018.  (Only a maintenance glitch will prevent the intended opening.)  The pool will remain open through the ski season.  In the future we have agreed with the resort its opening and closing for the shoulder season will be tied directly to the ski season and golf season. 

*****2018 Three Villages Holiday Dinner Dance*****

Please Click Here to view the information regarding the upcoming Three Villages Holiday Dinner Dance.

*****Annual Fall Planting Event, October 06, 2018*****

Please mark your calendars now to be on property for this enjoyable event.  This is a great time of collaboration, food and fun.  There is an RSVP requested.  Please click here for all the details!  Below you can see the pictures of the beautiful results of last years event

*****Highlights from the Schuss Pool Ribbon Cutting Event*****

A ribbon cutting event was held on Saturday June 30, 2018 at the Schuss Pool for those who donated to the pool project.  It was a truly enjoyable time to celebrate our collaboration between membership and Shanty Creek Resorts to achieve our goal of renovating the Schuss Pool.  We have tremendous momentum and enthusiasm for the next steps in the pool project.  If you would like to become a part of that group we are accepting donations!  Please contact the SMPOA administrator for details on how to donate.  Following are a few pictures which commemorate the event.


*****The Three Villages Fall Dinner Dance 2018*****

Please make plans now to attend the Three Villages of Dinner Dance on September 15, 2018.  It is a very enjoyable time with fun and delicious food.  Details and reservation information can be found by Clicking Here

*****New Location for SMPOA Annual Meeting*****

Please remember from the newsletter, we have a new location for our annual meeting!  Our annual meeting attendance has outgrown our previous meeting location at the Cortina Conference Center.  Our meeting will now take place at Ivan’s at 10:00 am, September 15,2018.  I look forward to seeing you all there.

*****Schuss Pool News, June 17, 2018*****

We received notice late last week a problem existed with the pool pass cards issued prior to June 14, 2018.  If your 2018 SMPOA issued pool pass does not work, please take it to the front desk at the Lakeview Hotel to have it recharged with a corrected code.

Currently access to the Schuss indoor pool is via the Schuss Hotel lobby.  However, in the ensuing days, a card reader will be installed on the exterior door off the new patio across from Ivans.  If you find the Schuss Hotel Lobby doors locked during open pool hours, please go to the exterior door off the new patio.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to improve the facilities as Schuss Mountain!

*****Results of the Fall 2017 Beautification Project*****

I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful results from the planting project last fall.  It was a great time of fellowship and community, plus we are enjoying the following rewards:

Thanks to all who participated in this effort to “bring back the Kingdom of Schuss”!


Many of you have been acquainted with Sue Jobe as the Administrative Assistant handling many inquiries and tasks for SMPOA.  Sue has accepted a new job and is no longer available to SMPOA.  Heather Lambrecht is assuming the duties vacated by Sue.  Heather is local and will be full-time in the office at the Cortina Conference Center in her employment with The Olds Professional Center, LTD.  She will respond to all inquiries directed to  Heather has been working in a support capacity for some time now, so the transition should be very smooth.  All SMPOA contact information for questions, support, etc. remain the same.

*****2018 Brush Pickup*****

The annual brush pile pickup is rapidly approaching.  Brush piles conforming to the “brush policy standards” will be picked up on June 4, 5, and 6, 2018 continuing on June 11, 12, and 13, 2018.  Please read the policy carefully and make sure you are in compliance with the policy to ensure your brush is collected.  Click here to read the Brush Policy.

*****May 22, 2018 – Schuss Pool News*****

Delays have occurred with the installation of the new pool floor and the counter top in the ladies room, however, we have confirmed the Schuss indoor pool will open on Saturday, June 2, 2018, for the golf season.

We continue to receive donations for the Schuss Pool Project.  If you are encouraged with the success of the Schuss Pool Project, it is not too late to donate.  We are in the planning stages of additional improvements to the Schuss Pool and the facilities and grounds in Schuss Village.  Stay tuned for additional news and announcements.

*****Property Owners Weekend Update!*****

We have received the following communication from the resort regarding changes to the upcoming planned property owners weekend:  (Note Pictures below)

Hello All,

Jason, Matt & I have spent quite a bit of time evaluating the current condition of the golf courses and what impact the forecasted weather will have before the weekend.

Currently Cedar River and Schuss have a significant amount of snow in the shaded areas, including some greens.  Attached are some pictures that give a good idea of how they are looking.

There is a good chance that much or all of the snow would be gone by Friday.  However, that will leave very little time to prepare the courses and allow them to dry out.  Limbs, branches and debris must be removed, as well as ropes put up in wet areas.

We feel at this time the Legend, Schuss, and Cedar River courses would not be in playable condition by Friday.  With forecasts of up to an inch of rain between Wednesday and Friday, already wet courses would likely have standing water and potential for damage that would not be able to be fixed or healed until well into the summer.

This is not an easy decision to make.  We would all like to kick off the golf season and welcome back our property owners, but we also want to present a decent product that is enjoyable and playable.

The Summit course will open this Wednesday for daily play. 

Property Owner’s golf will be rescheduled for October 5-7, with a call in date for tee times of Monday August 27th.

We will re-evaluate the opening date of Legend, Schuss, and Cedar River next Monday.

Please help us to communicate this information to our property owners and contact us with any questions!


Jason, Matt, & Mike

Please note the following dates that the Schuss Front Desk will NOT be staffed:

  • Sunday, 3/25 – Staffed until 5PM
  • Monday, 3/26 – Wed 4/4 – NO STAFF

The desk will be fully covered for the weekend of 3/23 – 3/25 and for Truck Race Weekend 4/6 – 4/8.

The Schuss Desk will close for the season on Sunday evening, April 8th.

The Schuss Indoor Pool will remain open throughout this time. Maintenance will unlock the lobby when they open the pool in the mornings & Security will lock it up once the pool has closed at night. We will get signage from Marketing to let guests know that the pool is still available.

Grant Engler

Director of Resort Services
Shanty Creek Resorts 
231.533.7031 – office
231.533.7020 – fax

We are able to update this message with the following additional detail as well as Pool Project Updates.
Please return to the website for details regarding pool closing and re-opening.  The short version of the details is the pool will close on April 8th and potentially re-open for Property Owners Weekend, May 4th , for the summer and fall through the golf season.  The re-opening is contingent upon the pool floor being completed.  Stay tuned to the website for details as the dates approach.

******03/22/2018 SMPOA News Update***************************

The March 2018 Newsletter may be reviewed by clicking the following link.  The dues mailing, including a printed copy of the March 2018 Newsletter, will  be going out by Monday.  Please see the latest Pool Project News in the this Newsletter as well as details to procure pool passes.

March 2018 Newsletter


The second and final phase of the Schuss Pool Project was completed in mid-December 2017.  The “project” is complete as originally proposed.  However, there are a few outstanding items from the project which will be completed in the near future.  They are; 1) replacing the counter top in the Ladies Room 2) removing some drywall and paint spatters which occurred during the project 3) painting the entrance door and 4) improving the floor in the pool area.  There was insufficient funding to complete the addition of glass in the wall of the pool building  facing the mountain.  The project exceeded budget by approximately $14,000 which the SMPOA Board of Directors agreed to cover in lieu of the fact the resort has agreed to provide the funds needed for the pool floor upgrade.  (The expense to re-do the floor will likely be $14,000.00 or more.)

All that said, the Board of Directors is excited about the improvements made and is developing plans for additional upgrades for not only the pool area but for Schuss Village in general.  The Board has been in discussion with Shanty Creek Resort management regarding the “next steps”.  SCR management is moved by the enthusiasm and conviction demonstrated by the Schuss Mountain Property Owners Association membership.

Lastly, it is imperative to make our membership aware of the fact the Resort incurred substantial unanticipated expense (approximately $25,000.00) to  re-shingle the roof of the pool and repair structural damage to the south wall which was uncovered during construction.  They stepped up to the plate and paid for these items; project funds were not expended for them.  We extend a special thank-you to the Resort for this unanticipated expenditure!

A special thank you to all donors!  The ribbon cutting ceremony for the donors is currently scheduled for a day and time to be announced during property owners’ weekend, May, 4-6, 2018.


Please be advised we have been notified local fire departments will perform a controlled burn of the Sudendorf condo previously damaged by fire.  The controlled burn will occur on Sunday, January 7th, 2018.  Please do not call 911 if you happen to witness this event.  Additionally, there may be some disruption to Sudendorf traffic during the event.

Some time after the controlled burn, the remaining debris will be excavated.


December 15, 2017:

We are pleased to announce the Schuss Pool Project is substantially complete to the extent it will open tomorrow, December 16th at 10:00 a.m. for the ski season.  There are a few details which are incomplete, however, are expected to be completed by the end of next week, December 22, 2017.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience the incomplete items may cause you.  Do stop by to look in and see the changes made to enhance the Schuss Pool and our property values.

The budget did not allow for the installation of any windows to the slopes as we had hoped.  However, the roll-ups and skylights have made the interior incredibly bright.  If more funds become available, more improvements can be made.

We continue to receive donations for the project.  If you have not donated yet, perhaps the major changes made will motivate to you to make a donation in the near future.  We know there are some members out there who indicated their desire to contribute, but have not done so, so far.  There is no deadline for donations!


The project is moving full bore to completion.  This past week the new glass overhead doors were installed, the skylights are installed, the new glass doors have been installed, painting and staining has commenced.  The ceramic tile installation has been scheduled in the next week or so.  The pool is scheduled to be repainted in the ensuing days.    It is intended that the pool will open on December 15th or as soon as possible thereafter.  We endeavor to announce the opening on the website when a firm date is known.

AND, remember, it is not too late to make a donation to the project!

*****Three Villages of Shanty Creek Holiday Dinner Dance*****

The Three Villages of Shanty Creek Holiday Dinner Dance is Monday, December 11, 2017.  This is always an enjoyable time with great food.  Find out how to attend by Clicking Here

*****Fall Planting Event*****

A great time was had by all who participated in the fall planting event around the fountain at the Schuss Lodge.  Each of the three expanded floor beds now contain nearly 400 tulip bulbs and two new “knock-out” rose bushes.  Spring and summer should be very colorful next year.  After the planting event we enjoyed a block party in the parking lot at Bergrand.  It was wonderful – Chicago style hot dogs from the hot dog cart, beer and live entertainment.  This was a great opportunity to experience the Schuss community fellowship and pride.  Watch for more opportunities like this in the future.  See photos below.

*****Road Re-striping Completed*****

I am happy to report the re-striping of Schuss Mountain Drive, Schuss Mountain Lane, Heideldorf Drive, and Banhof Drive was completed on September 18, 2017.  It looks great and improves safety for both drivers and pedestrians.  

*****Schuss Pool Donation Reminder******

Just a reminder, if you intend to be a donor for the Schuss Pool project and have not done so, there is still time.  Understandably, some may be waiting for “end of year” considerations before determining the amount, but if you just let it slip your mind, please make your donation soon.  The more we receive in donations, the more we can get accomplished in Phase II!

*****PLUME UPDATE*****

Please see the attached flyer providing meeting information for a Plume update on December 7, 2017, commencing at 7:00 p.m. in the Bellaire Room of the Lakeview Hotel.  We encourage all interested parties to attend.

Wickes Manufacturing TCE Plume 2017 Flyer

*****Road Re-striping*****

The SMPOA Board is very concerned about safety for our members.  To that end, we have explored the project of re-striping Schuss Mountain Lane, Schuss Mountain Drive, and Heideldorf Drive as they are adjacent to the Schuss Mountain walking path.  In researching that project, it has been discovered Antrim County takes responsibility for primary roads only.  The roads under consideration are secondary roads and thus fall under the jurisdiction of Custer Township.  The Custer Township policy is to only re-stripe roads when the township has done re-surfacing or some other work which would result in a need for re-striping.  Since the SMPOA re-striping request does not fall under any of those circumstances, if the roads in question are to be re-striped now, it would require private payment.  Since there is no plan to re-surface these roads in the near future (thus resulting in Custer Township re-striping these roads), the SMPOA Board authorized paying for the re-striping of these roads due to the safety concern related to the adjacent walking path.  The work should be completed within the next couple of weeks.

*****Fall Planting & “After Party”*****

A fall planting event is being planned for October 21, 2017 to revitalize the flower beds around the fountain at the Schuss Lodge, with a block party to follow afterward.  This promises to be a productive and fun time to showcase our “Schuss Pride”.  Please click here for more information!  We hope to see you all there.  RSVPs are requested for those who plan to attend!

*****Sudendorf Fire Damaged Building*****

Some SMPOA members have had concerns regarding the status of the fire damaged property within Sudendorf.  Roxanne Flake (Custer Township Supervisor) has indicated the property is being utilized for training purposes by the local fire departments, under the coordination of the Mancelona Fire Chief.  The property will be utilized for a variety of training events, culminating in a complete burn down once “the snow flies”.  A landscaper is on standby to remove foundations, grade and seed once the burn is completed.

*****Pool Project T-Shirt Update*****

Our T-Shirt Design Contest produced two entries which were really very creative and contributed to the final design utilized by the board for the T-Shirts.  Those who submitted designs were Todd VanSickle and Kelli Haberkorn; we wish to thank them both for their participation.  We have decided to reward each participant, so they will each receive a gift certificate from SMPOA for their enthusiastic contributions.   The final T-shirt design is displayed in the image below.

We are very excited about this opportunity for our membership.  The shirt is a very good quality “quick dry” material.  If you are interested in sporting your SMPOA/SCR pride by wearing one of these fine shirts, they are available for $15, simply contact  You will also be able to purchase these shirts at the annual meeting on September 16, 2017.  Don’t wait – supplies are limited!

*****Volunteers Needed For Help With Interior Decorating****

We are in need of assistance with interior decorating the bathrooms/changing rooms associated with the Schuss Pool Project!  If you have the skills and interest, please contact  You could be a major contributor in this exciting project.  Thanks in advance for your interest.

*****Resignation of President Al Schwartz****

Please be advised our President, Al Schwartz, tendered his resignation effective July 17, 2017.  The SMPOA membership is deeply grateful for all of Al’s leadership and service to SMPOA over the years.  When you see Al, please extend a big “Thank You”!  As the current Vice President, Kerry Vandock will serve as the acting President until our officer elections at the annual meeting on September 16, 2017.

*****Schuss Pool Update – July 27, 2017******

Please take note of the picture below which shows you the current view of the stamped concrete patio which is now finished!  It is so exciting to see the progress.  Please be sure to stop by and check it out in person.

As with all projects, there are always unexpected issues.  For the pool project, the issue relates to the grade of the ground next to the new patio.  The grade is presently resulting in water running toward Ivan’s and accumulating.  Some suggestions have surfaced to solve the issue including regrading to create a Pickleball court as well as installing a special drain to remove the water.  This is important issue will remain unfinished until it is discussed at our annual meeting on Saturday, September 16, 2017.  Please be sure to attend the meeting and provide input for this matter.

At this point, Phase I (remove the existing pool and install stamped concrete patio) has been completed.  Phase II is slated to commence after Labor Day.  In the interim exterior entry doors for the pool area will be installed between phases in order to facilitate card entry access.

Please check back later for additional updates on the Schuss Pool Project.

*****Schuss Grill Dining Option*****

Please remember, if you need a quick bite for lunch, try the Schuss Grill conveniently located in the lower level below the pro shop on the 18th hole of the Schuss Mountain Golf Course.  The menu includes pre-wrapped sandwiches, made to order sandwiches, snacks beverages, and beer.  Give it a try!  Click Here to view the Schuss Grill Menu

*****Three Villages of Shanty Creek Dinner Dance – September 16, 2017*****

Please join us at this annual event coming up soon.  See the following link for all the details!  Click Here for Three Villages of Shanty Creek – Dinner Dance Details

******MEMBERSHIP NEWS July 13, 2017********

Please join the Board of Directors and all membership in welcoming the Villa Monte Condominium Association and its 33 condo owners to our Association!!!!!!!!  Their interest and support is most appreciated.

Schuss Pool Update May 25, 2017

We are pleased to announce the Schuss Indoor Pool will be open this Memorial Day weekend, opening on Saturday morning, May 25, 27, 2017, at 10:00 a.m.  This is possible because of the extra efforts the resort made to get it open.  Many thanks to them for those extra efforts which serve our membership for this upcoming holiday weekend.  Access will be through the lobby, pool passes are required.

The Schuss Pool Project is well underway.  The following photo was taken Thursday afternoon, May 25, 2017.  The outdoor pool and cabana are obviously gone; the concrete patio is being poured.

Donor News, May 14, 2017

Donations for the pool project have consistently been made each week since the roll out of the Schuss Pool Project and the overwhelming vote in favor of the project.  In the first 30 days, we have received 25 donations totaling $9,850.00. We expect many more donations in the weeks ahead concluding the response meets or exceeds expectations.  THANK YOU TO ALL MEMBERS WHO HAVE AND ARE GENEROUSLY MAKING DONATIONS!  Remember, the more financial support we receive means the more we can accomplish.  The news of the support received to date is intended to encourage more members to donate.  Donations may be made at any time!

Board News, May 7, 2017

At their regularly scheduled board meeting yesterday, May 6, 2017, the Board of Directors regretfully accepted the resignation of Mr. Larry Bourassa, our Vice President, as Mr. Bourassa recently sold his condo at Schuss Mountain.  Mr. Bourassa has served this Board and our Association above and beyond the call of duty for many years regularly attending our board meetings and as chairman of our Bylaw Committee.  THANK YOU LARRY FOR ALL OF YOUR SERVICE AND FRIENDSHIP TO OUR ASSOCIATION!

Mr. Kerry Vandock was then elected by the Board as Vice President to serve out Mr. Baurassa’s term until the next election of officers on September 16, 2017.  Thank you Kerry for accepting this additional call to duty!

Schuss Pool Project Donor Campaign T-shirt Contest  -NEW!

We have created a contest for the T-shirt design to be used for the Schuss Pool Donor Campaign.  Click Here for all the details!  Good luck and may the best and most creative SMPOA designer win!

Brush Pick-up: June 5, 6, 7, and 12, 13, 14

Please open and print the following link to know and understand what is considered brush and what will be picked up as a member benefit of SMPOA.  NEW THIS YEAR:  Please put the four digit (letter and three numbers) lot number which appears on your dues invoice, on a sign placed on or near the brush pile.  This will enable Northern Tree to verify your paid membership in the Association and your eligibility for brush pick-up.   Any failures to comply with the attached guidelines and/or posting of your lot number could result in your brush pile being by-passed.  Your dues must be paid by June 1, in order to be eligible for brush pick-up.

(The neighborhoods of Boise De Golfe, and North Schuss Village are associations who pay as associations and need not display their lot numbers.)

Brush Policy 3-30-17

Schuss Pool Project Update – April 17, 2017

The vote of the membership for the Schuss Pool Project Proposal is complete!  With a total of 446 paid members made up of 149 developed lot owners (92% of the total developed lot owners), 227 undeveloped lot owners (59% of the total undeveloped lot owners) and 70 condo owners, there were only 12 no votes.  This represents a significant majority in favor of the project.  Thank you all for your consideration and vote.  Now it is time to complete and return those donor forms so we may secure the funding necessary to move forward with this long awaited endeavor.  This is a significant step in improving our Schuss Village.

Resources for Information on the TCE Plume:

We have received the following information regarding the TCE Plume:

  1. May 16, 2016 DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) Publication – Click Here
  2. Video clips from the June 26, 2015 DEQ meeting – Click here for videos

We trust this will provide you with the latest information available on this very important topic.

News Regarding the Power Line Project:

You may have noticed some activity near the electrical substation near the entrance to Schuss Village as well as along the “high line” leading away from the substation.  Here is what we know:

The project is a Consumers Energy transmission line upgrade.  This includes new power wires and much larger metal poles (each pole takes two full concrete trucks for its base).  It extends from the sub-station at Schuss to the next sub-station down the line on Plum Valley road.  The process will continue 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) ten hour days, through January.  Hopes are they are ahead of schedule with the good weather the past month.  All the temporary poles at the road crossings and timber mats on the ground are temporary.  They, along with the old poles will go away after completion. The contractor seems to be sympathetic to the Nordic trails crossing the power line and has pledged to work with all of us to keep things flowing on the trail crossings, especially on weekends.  Snowmobiles are out of luck and it would be ill advised to attempt riding along the power line while they are still working.  It would be hazardous to riders and workers.   The contractor has zero compassion for snowmobiles or ORV machines riding the power line and will do everything they can to prosecute such activity as it is their right of way.

Thank you from the Maintenance Crew for the Schuss Mountain Golf Course:

The Maintenance Crew at Schuss Mountain Golf Course was most grateful of the appreciation extended to them by our membership and expressed their heartfelt thanks in the thank note recently received below.


Responses to Issues Raised at 2016 Annual Property Owners Meeting:

President Schwartz’s Responses

Letter to Shanty Creek Resorts Acknowledging Efforts of Schuss Mountain Golf Course Maintenance Staff:

Letter to Pete Bigford, Shanty Creek Resorts

Dumpster Usage:

As a reminder, the dumpsters at Schuss Village are for bagged household garbage ONLY.  If you have furniture or other household items to discard, please consider contacting the Lighthouse (231-587-9967) or Habitat for Humanity (231-587-1498) in Mancelona as they have free services available to pickup these types of items which are in usable condition.

The Lastest Schuss Pool News:

Click here to read the latest Schuss Pool News as discussed at the annual meeting held on Saturday, September 24, 2016.  pool-news-9-24-16

It was the consensus of our membership at the annual meeting to finalize the design plan and propose a method to the membership to finance our share of the expense.  The design plan will be finalized as soon as possible and presented here on the website at which time the membership will given the opportunity to individually vote on line to approve or reject the design plan and finance proposal.  STAY TUNED!

Schuss Lodge Pool News:

Click here to read about important news regarding the pools at the Schuss Lodge!

Notice to All SMPOA Members:  RE: Pets Not on a Leash 

We have received several complaints and comments about dogs/pets who are not on a leash and have caused pedestrians fear to walk on our beautiful streets and/or walking paths.  For all pet owners, be certain that you do not let your dogs/pets run loose and cause these problems to your neighbors in our community.  We are currently aware of the names and addresses of some of the violators.  Spare us both the embarrassment of  a visit from either an officer of SMPOA or an officer of the law. Please click on the ANTRIM COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE below and become fully aware of the county ordinance on this subject.  Thanks in advance to all for your full cooperation and compliance.

Antrim County Animal Control Ordinance


Click on the attachment below for information pertaining to changes in our annual dues structure for snowplowing expense to private road homeowners.

Private Road Owners Letter

SMPOA Board of Directors Update May 2015-2