Current Information

*****A Merry Little Christmas Party*****

Shanty Creek Resorts (SCR) is once again hosting “A Merry Little Christmas Party” on December 11, 2021.  Details, including  reservation instructions and cost, may be found by clicking here.   SCR is attempting to group people by village if so desired.  If you would like to be seated with other SMPOA members, simply designate that request when you make your reservation. 

*****Schuss Pool Update*****

The Schuss Pool will close for the season on Sunday, October 10th in conjunction with the end of golf season at Schuss.  The Schuss Pool will re-open at the beginning of ski season for the winter.  Once determined, we will post the re-opening date for the Schuss Pool on this site.

*****Please maintain dogs on leash when not on your own property*****

There have been numerous reports of dogs being walked UNLEASHED in the SMPOA area, including the golf course. The state of Michigan has a very specific statute regarding this topic, which has been on the books since 1919 – Michigan Dog Leash Law . Accordingly, please maintain your dog on a leash at all times when not on your own property. We need to be respectful of all members and leashing your dog contributes to this goal while maintaining your opportunity to walk your dog. Additionally, plan accordingly so you can clean up after your dog when walking on something other than your own property. In doing these things, we help to make it a safer, more enjoyable area for all.

*****United effort to implement Spectrum cable internet service*****

We have recently learned Spectrum has extended service to areas not previously serviced provided “a certain number” of households in an area have signed up for service. One specific example was 3 households on Grindelwald Drive off of Schuss Mountain Drive recently signed up for service and service was implemented at no additional charge (other than the monthly service). At our annual meeting a few weeks ago, Pam Kleinjans who owns at the top of Schuss Mountain offered to “coordinate” a united effort in that area to get Spectrum service. This united effort would require owners in that area to “sign up for service” with Spectrum in order to meet a quota of committed owners. If you have this level of interest and want more information, please contact Pam via email at Thank you Pam for your willingness to lead this charge!

*****2021 Annual Meeting Information*****

The SMPOA annual meeting for 2021 is scheduled for Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 10 am in Ivan’s.  We look forward to seeing you there!

*****Clarification to Trash Policy*****

Having encountered some difficulties with trash collection related to rental activity, one of our board members, Mike Brown, communicated with Custer Township and American Waste an learned the following clarifications to the existing trash collection policy in operation with Custer Twp. and American Waste.  The Trash Collection Policy click here has been updated with this information as well.  Thanks to Mike for his efforts to obtain these clarifications:

1) To order a 96 gallon tote you contact American Waste at 231-943-8088.  Roxann does not handle the orders for the homeowners. 
2) Custer township homeowners are allowed 5 bags per week, or one 96 gallon tote. Therefore, American Waste will only sell each homeowner a single tote.  They will not sell 2 per homeowner. 
3) If you have more than 5 bags of trash, you need to put the additional trash in a “red” bag.  The “red” bags can be purchased at Family Fare.  The “red” bag shows the truck driver that you paid extra to have those bags picked up. 

*****Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Dates*****

Click on the following Antrim County Website. to view dates for household hazardous waste collection dates for 2021.  This link has also been added to the “Links of Interest” tab here on the SMPOA website, so you may access this information easily anytime.

*****Pool Pass Information*****

It has been the position of SMPOA to offer pool passes as a member benefit; we continue to maintain that position.
Passes this year will go on sale as in past years on April 1, 2021, maintaining this as a member benefit. (MCC
members are not eligible to purchase their pool passes from SMPOA as they are free with your MCC
membership.) For those who purchased a 2020 pool pass, the price will be $50.00. For those who did not purchase
a 2020 pool pass and/or new purchasers, the price will be $75.00.
The Resort has made the pools at Summit and Schuss, only accessible to those who have a valid pool pass. ALL
PAID SMPOA members (except Mountain Creek Club members) are entitled to one (1) pass per family.
If you are a Mountain Creek Club Member, please acquire your pass from the front desk at the Lakeview
Hotel. Pool passes are valid from April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022. Please click here to view the 2021 Newsletter which includes the form to order your pool pass.



We are very excited about this opportunity for our membership.  The shirt is a very good quality “quick dry” material.  If you are interested in sporting your SMPOA/SCR pride by wearing one of these fine shirts, they are available for $15, simply contact  The shirts make an excellent gift!