Current Information

*****Overflow Dumpster*****

SMPOA and the Resort have partnered again this year to alleviate the problem of excess trash at Schuss Mountain over the holidays.  Please note the following:
  • For the current Christmas/New Year’s holiday, a 20-yard dumpster has been placed in the parking lot of the Schuss Golf Club parking lot and will remain through January 3, 2023.  It will be emptied on an as needed basis.
  • The purpose of this dumpster will be to accommodate overflow trash only.  Please utilize your regular trash dumpster or tote until such time as the overflow dumpster becomes necessary.
  • Remember to single out your recyclables and take them to the facility on M-88 or in Mancelona; this will greatly reduce the volume of waste in our dumpsters and totes.
  • This dumpster is for BAGGED GARBAGE ONLY.  Please adhere to the rule.  Those who violated the rules and dumped washers, dryers, TV sets, etc. have already ruined the prior disposal plan utilizing dumpsters.  We will be watching closely so they do not ruin this cooperative plan with SMPOA and the Resort.
  • The overflow dumpster will not return for any other holiday weekends this year, however, will return for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday next year.

This is another example of “…what your SMPOA dues do for you…” and the close cooperative relationship SMPOA has with the Resort.  We thank them for their initiative, participation and cooperation!!!!!!!!!!!

*****Code of Conduct*****

With the increased number of properties in some form of rental around Schuss Mountain, the Board of Directors has been working to develop a Code of Conduct for Schuss Mountain Property Owners Association (SMPOA).  This goal was achieved and the Code of Conduct was adopted by the board on September 17, 2022.  Click here to view the Code of Conduct.  The board is requesting all property owners who have their property available for rent to post this document in a clear and visible location within the property and make certain all renters are familiar with its content.

*****Change in Trash Tote Pickup Day*****

We have been notified that effective June 27, 2022, trash pickup for TOTES ONLY will change from Tuesday to Monday.  This does NOT affect trash collection for dumpsters for the various condo associations.  Please click here to view the notification letter provided by GFL which we received from Custer Township.  

*****2022-2023 Pool Passes*****

2022-2023 Pool passes will be available for purchase starting 04-01-2022, and are valid from 04-01-2022 through 03-31-2023.  Pool passes may be purchased with your annual SMPOA dues notice which was recently mailed to all SMPOA property owners or directly by stopping in at the Cortina Conference Center.  SMPOA members may purchase one (1) pool pass at a cost of $125 (replacement passes also cost $125).  Shanty Creek Resorts offers pool passes for sale for $500, which clearly makes the SMPOA member price an obvious member benefit.

*****Please maintain dogs on leash when not on your own property*****

There have been numerous reports of dogs being walked UNLEASHED in the SMPOA area, including the golf course. The state of Michigan has a very specific statute regarding this topic, which has been on the books since 1919 – Michigan Dog Leash Law . Accordingly, please maintain your dog on a leash at all times when not on your own property. We need to be respectful of all members and leashing your dog contributes to this goal while maintaining your opportunity to walk your dog. Additionally, plan accordingly so you can clean up after your dog when walking on something other than your own property. In doing these things, we help to make it a safer, more enjoyable area for all.


We are very excited about this opportunity for our membership.  The shirt is a very good quality “quick dry” material.  If you are interested in sporting your SMPOA/SCR pride by wearing one of these fine shirts, they are available for $15, simply contact  The shirts make an excellent gift!